What if life was a Choice and all we have to do is
Choose how we look at our experiences and then let go the emotions holding us to our past!!

Me with my children in 1993 in hospital with first stroke…
My new set of wheels…was very happy (1998)
2010 and working as a massage therapist in Dannevirke, New Zealand. Basically fully recovered… not bad aye
Me 2015 at the New Zealand 7 Day event, the Chateau, Tongariro National Park. A week full of Joy and Fun and Laughter…most importantly choosing change.
2016 in Vienna…. The transformation is still happening as I let go my… “Past!!”

Who am I?

Have you ever watched the musical Les Misérables? There is a song in the show where Val Jean sings…. “Who am I?”

What a song! What a question to ask ourselves! As he asks this question, he is brutally honest to himself with his answers. There are things that we retrospectively ask ourselves as we go through life, as we try to come to terms with what we perceive is “Our Life”. As whom we think we are and even of what we “Be”.

Many times we remember only the “Good” or only the “Bad”. In truth, life is about both and, sometimes, even filled with so-so stuff that just passes us by, un-noticed. All these things influence us, and how we interact with the world. There are people that come and touch us, some to our very core and then move on, while others will quietly walk beside us for many many years.

There are  many that I thank every day for being there when this angry young boy and man was trying to make his way. They gave me sanctuary from the storms and those quiet words of encouragement, love and wisdom that kept me safe. Some have passed over, and I still hear them whisper to me as I struggle with those demons within and the perceived demons without.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With all my heart and Being, I am grateful for you coming into my life at the times that you have.

So.. If I could show you who you truly are, and help you create change in your universe, what would you choose…? 

While recovering from a series of strokes, I learned some very valuable lessons. The biggest being that life is about choice and choosing. I read many books by respected authors such as Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho. It’s from these authors, and many others, that I learned about choice, and the choices I had been making with regard to my health and life.  And so I started to choose differently… and my search for more understanding and awareness continued.

I teach people that they have choices with regard to health, how they function in this reality, how they respond to events and even people, and have watched and witnessed people change how they Be in the world, becoming more joyful and in charge of their path and life.

A friend and mentor set me a challenge over five years ago, by suggesting it would be hard for me to teach what it is I Do and Be. Of course, me being me, declared that it would be easy. He smiled, and I then set about trying to understand what it is I actually Do and Am when massaging bodies. It took a wee while, but I have come to realise and acknowledge the Gift I have, and the Gift I can be to the world.

When I facilitate a class on what I know, I talk about the space we create in which the body is then invited to heal, change, and let go of issues that may be causing Dis-ease within. I also speak about coming from a space of non-judgement and allowance, and offering choice. They can choose to be well, or sick, as it’s their choice. And I have seen people choose illness and death over wellness and living.

When you look at life from the space of choice, then we can no-longer blame others for what’s not working for us. It also means that it is up to us to change and choose something else. As I tell my clients, I could have chosen to stay in the wheelchair and die, or I could step up and out and get moving on my own legs.

Massage and Healing

We all have our own idea and reality of what massage is, or could be. Personally, I believe massage is such a personal thing, both in the gifting, and the receiving. As I work with your body, I am asking two questions. First, “What is it the Body requires?” Secondly, “What can I “Be” to facilitate the space required to allow the greatest ease and change here?”
There is possibly nothing more intimate than receiving a massage. This can be a time of total vulnerability for both the practitioner and the receiver.
During a session, Massage or Energetic work, it is my aim to create and generate a space where you, and your body, feel honoured, nurtured and heard, without judgement. To create a space where you can reconnect with your body and acknowledge its own awareness.

What others say…

Nurturing the Nurturer

Greg has a gift that is priceless. He is the space where I was able to be safe in my body and know my body had choices. I was able to look at myself through gentle hands and eyes. My body came alive after this amazing healing massage. My body is so grateful for this massage and gift that Greg is to this planet. Thank you, Greg.  Julie A, Blackwater, QLD, Australia

I am so grateful for Greg coming into my life. He creates a safe space, with such a lack of judgement, that my barriers automatically come down, and I have the ability to be completely vulnerable. He has a gentle way of showing me who I truly am, and inspiring me to come out and to Be and do more. Thank you so, so much for you.  Kirsty Taylor, Palmerston North, New Zealand

I am so grateful for the vulnerability you showed me and the kindness you Be. Its allowed me to choose more and expand my universe to find Me. Have you ever felt so safe you can be anything you possibly Be?
Thank you for all you Be, I adore You!!  Mel Young, Perth, Australia

I‘ve been asked what my Logo above is all about… so here goes...

Years ago I carved each of my children a piece of bone, something unique to them. The Piece between “My” hands (yup I drew my hands) is what I carved for my youngest Son, Michael. It represents the Whale’s Tail and the Koru. The whale’s tail is about the strength, endurance, and the journey. The Koru is about reaching to the light, forever unraveling, opening to new knowledge and awareness. Becoming more of who we are.
In the carving, the whale’s tail is curving gently over the Koru, as if to nurture it and protect it. The Koru is also coming over the trailing edges of the tail, as if to embrace and touch that immense strength. You will also see that the whale’s tail becomes and is the Koru… This signifies how we all can be through our journey in this reality. We are searching for knowledge, understanding, and more, all the while striving towards goals we haven’t yet seen, or understood. Searching for what is already within us, when we are ready to see “Us”.   In this picture, my hands represent the universe…gently and energetically supporting and guiding us…

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