Massage and Alchemy of the Body – Zurich 13th-15th November 2020



Massage from the space of alchemy

First of all, we will learn how to create and hold the space of alchemy, what that means and what this space can do. I will remind you who you really are and how you can be more of yourself.
In this course, I will show you many of the basic massage handles that can help relax your family and friends. You will even learn the basic anatomy terms and how the muscles run (if you want). And I’m going to show you some simple grips and strokes that will help you relax your muscles with ease, and more.
Because we will go through the whole body step by step, I have scheduled 2 days for this course. This leaves enough time to practice while learning new things and ultimately combining what you’ve learned. After that, you will feel safe enough to massage the whole body in a respectful way.
Please bring 2 large towels and a sheet to lie on. Instead of the 2 large towels, you can also take a second sheet with you, that’s up to you. Remember that we are a whole group in one room.
If you are interested, please contact

Nadine Burri –  or , Melanie König-Kolz – , who can answer all your questions about course organization. See you!

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Intro - Abend, 13th Novemeber 2020- ("Intro")

Alchemy and Massage, 14th-15th Novemebr 2020 - ("Massage")

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